Les Creme

About Les Creme 

Daniel Summers started this business after meeting my her current husband Tyler. At that time he suffered from acne. This condition caused him both physical and emotional damage. She wanted to help him, so the couple started experimenting with home remedies, new doctors, and holistic treatments.

After countless unsuccessful attempts, Daniel’s mother gifted them a handmade bar of soap which was never used! They loved the simplicity of the ingredients comparing to other "beauty bars" they've tested except for the lard. Being its main ingredient. This was our "ah ha" moment. They realized that to have the perfect product, they would have to make it themselves.

Her first "finished" formula was an incredible feat! Tyler's pimples started to pop up and her own skin was   getting softer and softer. Tyler's complexion and self-esteem started to increase and that's when their entourage started asking for details. This is also how Les Creme was born.

In the years that followed, they added to their collection more soaps and fragrances, skincare options, luxury lotions and clear candles. Les crème is dedicated handcrafted products that are animal fat-free, cruelty-free and formulated with the highest-quality botanical ingredients.