Obia Naturals

About Obia Naturals 

OBIA Naturals' mission is to produce pH-balanced, vegan and herbal-based natural hair and body care products for men and women. What sets OBIA Naturals apart from other companies is that its founder and formulator, Obia Ewah, is a trained chemist. Obia has a bachelor's degree in both Chemistry and Biology and a master's degree in Public Health. Obia is also a member of the Association of Cosmetic Chemists and regularly attends seminars and meetings, always looking for new information to help our customers achieve healthy hair.

In her third year of medical school, Obia fell ill and as a result she was extremely careful about the foods and products she allowed into her body. Obia decided to be natural and improve her health. When she made her "big cut" in 2010, Obia was unable to find health-conscious ingredients that would both tame her thick hair. Obia started to work with her own formulas for hair products as a hobby.

Friends started soliciting and purchasing Obia's formulas and OBIA Naturals started this way. Obia joined forces with her younger brother Omini Ewah and began developing and shaping the OBIA brand and message. OBIA Naturals products are cruelty free, which means we do not test or use our products on animals. The OBIA Naturals product line continues to grow to meet the needs and concerns of our customers.