OLITA is a Spanish term that means "little wave," and we're making a huge splash with their eco-friendly sun care line. Enjoy playing in the great outdoors, whether it's on the sand, in the mountains, in the desert, or in the tropics. Olita is inspired by beautiful mountain views, the warmth of the sun on our skin, and the allure of the waves crashing on the beach, all while making memories with family and friends. 

The first product, Beach Be Gone body powder, was developed in Marin County, California. Laurie O'Hara, the creator, used to take her young children to the nearby beaches. What's going on at the beach? THE SAND! When it comes to little children, where does sand go? ALL OVER THE PLACE! 

Laurie developed a wonderful body powder that wicks away sand, sweat, salt water, and general grit. Following the popularity of Beach Be Gone, additional all-natural skin care lines to protect and care for everyone who enjoys being outside was created.

Every day, Olita keep their commitment to create nourishing, restorative, and healthy skincare. Simple: OLITA goods are good for your skin and good for the world.