Banana Paper Card Variety 12 Pack

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Discover the art of heartfelt sentiment with our sustainably crafted greeting card collection. Each card in this eco-conscious set is a testament to the joy of giving and the beauty of staying in touch.

Express, Celebrate, Appreciate...Sustainably

In a world rushing towards the digital, take a moment to savor the personal touch with our exquisite handcrafted card collection. Originally designed by MK, these eco-friendly greetings are more than just cards; they are keepsakes, lovingly printed on banana paper from the rich soils of Haiti. Your words on this biodegradable canvas serve not just as tokens of affection but as bastions of sustainability.

For Every Occasion, A Thoughtful Gesture

Whether it’s the joyous celebration of new life, commemorating another year around the sun, or simply saying thanks, we've curated an eclectic mix of designs to ensure you're ready for every milestone. #EcoFriendlyGreetingCards are your go-to solution for moments that matter.

Artistic Flair Meets Environmental Care

Each 4.5 x 6" card is blanketed in lively, colorful artwork that's sure to kindle a smile, matched with a crafted envelope to complete the experience. Our #HandmadeArtCards are a salute to your taste for the unique and a nod to your commitment to our planet.

Feel the Impact with Every Word You Write

Sending these cards means you're part of a bigger story - one where gifting is an expression of love for others and for our world. Celebrate with #SustainableStationery that supports Haitian artisans and upholds the green lifestyle you cherish.

A Collection, A Cause, A Connection

We invite you to join us on this sustainable journey, where each message you send contributes to a larger conversation about conservation and compassion. With our cards, your thoughtful words flourish on paper as rich in heritage as your relationships.

Whether you're an advocate for a #GreenLifestyle or a connoisseur of art, these cards are designed to resonate with you. Share the essence of thoughtfulness and gratitude, and connect deeper with gifts that reflect your values. #Handmade welfare beauty intertwines with ecological responsibility - because we believe every gesture of kindness should also be kind to the Earth. 

The Product:

1 of each of the following cards:

  • It’s Your Birthday…Get Carried Away!
  • You Blow me Away: Happy Birthday
  • I Love Doing Life With You
  • Happy Anniversary You Love Birds
  • Thinking of You (Pink and Green Flower)
  • Grateful For You…Red Poppies
  • Congratulations On Your Tiny Human
  • Happy New Baby
  • Congratulations… Ladies Dancing
  • You Got This - Balloons
  • Thank You (in Big Art Letters)
  • I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

The Story:

You have a lot of reasons to reach out to your people. Having the right card in the house makes it easier to show the love that’s in you! We put this collection together to help you do just that. MK original artwork printed on beautifully hand crafted banana paper from Haiti. The overlay of bright colors on the rich fibered paper creates a true piece of art!

The Details:

  • (12) 4.5 x 6" cards with craft envelopes
  • materials: banana & craft paper