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Vooqo is a Canadian cosmetics company from Ottawa, Ontario that formulates, manufactures, and sells organic beauty products for Women, Men, and Babies. The company's organic beauty products for Women include makeup, skincare, fragrance, nail, hair, body, and bath products. Its organic beauty products for Men include beard and shaving oils, haircare, skincare, and body products. Vooqo's baby products include organic baby shampoo, baby oil, baby diaper cream, baby bath powder, and baby powder.​Vooqo was founded by the Haprian's family in May 2011 to develop and sell all-natural makeup. It was incorporated as Melli Corporation in July 2013 and rebranded as Vooqo in October 2018 to reflect its shifted focus toward beauty worldwide. Vooqo is one of the world's first company that formulates and manufactures beauty products made only with natural, organic, vegan, gluten, and cruelty-free ingredients for Women, Men, and Babies. The company also has a high level of brand loyalty being considered the first in its class to give visible results in a short period of time.​​Today, Vooqo is not only a leading retailer of organic beauty products in Canada, but also a powerful beauty presence in countries around the world thanks to its unparalleled assortment of products in every category, unbiased service from experts, interactive shopping environment, and innovation.

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