Partnering with young entrepreneurs, beekeepers and farmers in Zambia, Africa, we create organic, fair trade body care products that regenerate our customers, communities and ecosystems. We are passionate about people thriving. Connecting the customers of North America to the farmers and beekeepers of Zambia, we provide skin-nourishing products customers love and which uplift Zambian communities and ecosystems. Our Story: Partnership not Patronage The best body care ingredients begin with those who cultivate them In a simple way, this image captures one of our passions here at Zambeezi. Vincent, one of the beekeepers, and André, one of our founders, are discussing their ideas on different forms of hives and ways we can cultivate a greater yield. You see it’s a partnership, not a patronage. We both bring value to the table and out of that mutual investment, an incredible vision is brought into fruition.

It isn’t just about the lip balm. No, it’s so much more than that. It’s about people thriving! So often, in the West, we have a very monetarily driven value of success and worth. From that false ideal, we have often created broken systems of support and aid. Our desires are often very good, but yet they still fall short. Because we define worth in monetary terms, we often look at those who fiscally have less than us as those whom we need to help. So, we concoct plans that revolve around monetary values, but miss the people, the community and the culture in the process. How does a Lebanese-American farmer from Boulder, Colorado end up in Zambia laughing, talking and planning with a group of beekeepers? That’s a great question! I have asked the same thing. Well, it began with a not-so-coincidental meeting of two men at a conference in South Africa. Not just any two men, but two leaders in their respective communities who have a passion for seeing the people they impact thriving.

One was André’s father; the other was Pastor Barry Illunga (read our interview with Barry). And so an adventure began, spawned into a relationship and resulted in the lip nourishing balm you have come to love so much. In 2008, André, Barry and a number of others launched a harebrained idea and today Zambeezi sits in the pockets, purses, desks and counters of all kinds of people and businesses. As they sat with a dozen or so community leaders, they discovered the root of the need in these communities wasn’t simply monetary, it was much grander and yet more basic. The solution was something that speaks to the very heart of Zambian culture: community or put in business terms partnership. “We exist to enable communities to thrive by identifying and developing unrealized human potential to free people to pursue their vision of a better world.” The potential in these communities is limitless. Creativity, entrepreneurship, perseverance, and passion shine through every dialogue. However, limited transportation in a land-locked country poses a challenge in harnessing this potential for success.

Through a strategic partnership, we bridge the gap by connecting Zambian entrepreneurs, beekeepers, and farmers with the North American market. Leveraging our privileged access to a broader market and advanced technology, we facilitate the journey of organic, fair trade lip balms and handcrafted soaps from Zambia to your hands. Join us in this partnership by using and promoting our products, helping us expand our reach to local retailers. Together, we shape a promising future.

We are confident that you'll love everything you purchase from us. However, if you aren't satisfied with a Zambeezi product for any reason, simply return the unused portion within 60 days from the ship date. We will happily refund the purchase price (excluding the original shipping and handling fees) of the returned item(s) to the original form of payment. If you would like to make a return, please send us an email with your name, order # and items you would like to return.