Solar System Bracelet

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Discover our Solar System bracelet, a unique accessory featuring stones representing each planet - yes, even Pluto! Complete with the Sun and the Moon, the Blue Goldstone stones mimic a dark, shimmering sky. Carry the universe on your wrist today! 🌌 #SolarSystemBracelet #PlanetStones #UniqueAccessory

This bracelet is made with:

  • 8mm, high-quality, natural stones
  • silver plated, zinc alloy (lead free) spacers
  • stretch cord

Your bracelet will come with the following stones:

  • Sun = Yellow Aventurine
  • Mercury = Bird's Eye Rhyolite
  • Venus = Rose Quartz
  • Earth = Moss Agate
  • Mars = Red Jasper
  • Jupiter = Red Creek Jasper
  • Saturn = Sardonyx
  • Uranus = Amazonite
  • Neptune = Apatite
  • Pluto = Clear Quartz
  • Moon = Moonstone

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