Small Party Serving Tray With 6 Shooter Spoons On An 18 Inch Bamboo Board To Match

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  • Impress your guests with a stylish mini presentation using Sleek Fine porcelain and natural bamboo to enhance touch, taste, and visual experiences. Ideal for serving seafood, snacks, sauce tastings, or olive oil and vinegar. Perfect for parties or events!
  • Enhance your table setting with a bamboo tray and six snack dishes, creating a mesmerizing single-handed presentation for your guests. The tray conveniently holds the dishes, leaving space for a handle. Perfect for entertaining!
  • Explore the versatile uses of our 18” bamboo tray featuring a center recessed cutout. Whether serving with or without our fine porcelain, this tray doubles as a breadboard, serving tray, or a stylish vessel for wings and meatballs. Perfect for various occasions!
  • Indulge in a single portion of your culinary creation with 6 curved fine porcelain snack dishes (shooter spoons). Crafted from premium white porcelain, these dishes preserve the original taste of your food and offer a pristine tactile experience. Ideal for unique presentations and enhancing dining experiences.
  • Explore a variety of recipes and creative ideas at . Certain items may come in their original packaging, while others could be repackaged to match specific quantities. The packaging options include a mix of color gift boxes and plain brown boxes, depending on availability.

Set of 7 items, consist of :

1 TRAY 18" X 4. 75" | 45. 5 X 12 CM - (WL-771009 / A)

6 SNACK DISH 4" X 2" | 10. 5 X 5 CM - (WL-992667 / A)