Baby Care Routine
La Belle Kinky

Baby Care Routine

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Experience an Organic 3-Step Baby Care Routine that is safe and is sure to provide the best natural care for the most sensitive skin.

  1. An organic with a triple-action formula that soothes, heals, and protects.
  2. A soothing, organic infused with the most gentle plant-pure ingredients for skin softening and care.
  3. A creamy, all-natural that delivers essential hydration and adds shine.

What else do you need to know:

  • One set last between 3-5 months
  • These products are vegan, cruelty-free and are made only with natural and certified organic ingredients
  • These products are suitable for babies from 1 month to 3 years old
  • If used properly and not mixed with other synthetic based products the results are guaranteed
  • No other baby products are required