Black Moss Opal Intention Bracelet

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Discover the transformative power of the Black Moss Opal Intention Bracelet crafted with genuine Black Moss Opal gemstones. Embrace prosperity and inspiration with this stone known for enhancing personal growth and goal achievement while grounding you to the Earth and nature.

Materials include:

  • 6mm Black Moss Opal
  • 3.5" luxe silky tassel, tri colored with white, black, and beige
  • silver guru bead with Buddha/Lotus charm

Each bead is carefully threaded and hand-knotted between stones, embodying patience and devotion. Your Intention Bracelet carries loving intention and energy, making it a valuable tool for meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual growth. This piece transcends being just jewelry; it serves as a portal to higher consciousness, a reminder of your spiritual journey, and a wellspring of strength in your pursuit of inner peace and insight.

Note: Crystal descriptions are meant to support healing, not to provide prescription or healthcare information.