Daya Denim Foldable Basket

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Eco-friendly Basket: For a Greener, Organized Home

Infuse your home with elegance and ethically crafted charm with this exclusive handmade storage solution. Born from a harmonious blend of upcycled denim and resilient Hogla, these structured foldable baskets epitomize modern sustainability.

Designed by the discerning eye at KORISSA, each eco-friendly basket is a hand-woven testament to the skilled Fair Trade artisans of Bangladesh. This collaboration of repurposed materials exudes a rustic sophistication that enriches your living space while championing eco-conscious living.

Sophisticated Dimensions for Every Corner

Whether tucking away blankets in the living room or storing essentials in the bedroom, the baskets' generous dimensions provide ample space:

  • (L) 12” tall x 15” round (Collapsed: 7" tall)
  • (S) 11” tall x 13” round (Collapsed: 7" tall)

The natural color palette, accented by assorted denim hues, ensures that every basket serves as a versatile decorative piece—truly, no two are alike, as each carries the essence of the artisan's touch and the unique story of the recycled fabrics it was born from.

Care That Cares

Equally practical, caring for your eco-friendly basket is simple, yet mindful of our footprint—dust or vacuum your basket regularly and dab gently with a damp cloth when needed. Avoid sunlight to maintain its natural color and integrity for years to come.

Empowering Artisans and Nature

Secure in your sense of discernment, revel in the knowledge that with each purchase, you:

  • Support ethical, sustainable livelihoods in Bangladesh
  • Own a versatile, durable and compact Fair Trade home decor marvel
  • Make a tangible contribution to environmental sustainability
  • Enjoy the pride and peace of fostering a greener Earth in your everyday life

Take part in the narrative of global eco-consciousness, from the streets of Dhaka to your doorstep. This basket isn't just a purchase—it's a step towards a sustainable lifestyle, a dialogue with worldwide cultures, and a patronage for the artisans whose hands weave a future where design meets responsibility. 

Adorn your home with not just an object, but an ode to conscious craftsmanship with KORISSA's handcrafted baskets—a celebration of style, heart, and planet. Shop now and be the emblem of eco-elegance.