Fluorite and Amethyst Bead Bracelet

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This bracelet is made with high-quality Fluorite and Amethyst stones which bring stability, protection, and awareness to the wearer.

Zodiac Sign: Fluorite - Pisces / Amethyst - Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Chakra: Fluorite - Heart & Third Eye / Amethyst - Third Eye & Throat

Birthstone: Amethyst - February

Fluorite, a powerful protective and stabilizing stone, is ideal for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. Enhancing intuitive abilities and fostering a connection to the spirit, it offers valuable benefits for holistic well-being.

Amethyst, renowned for its calming properties, promotes mental serenity. This gem, historically referred to as the “Gem of Fire,” has been highly prized through the ages, sometimes rivaling the value of Diamonds. Today, this semi-precious quartz variant is widespread across the globe, cherished for its beauty and tranquility-inducing qualities.

Due to the uniqueness of Fluorite stone, your bracelet may look slightly different than the one pictured, making your bracelet entirely singular.

Materials include:

  • 8mm Rainbow Fluorite and Amethyst stones
  • zinc alloy metal bead
  • strong elastic cord
  • option to add lava stone which can be used as an essential oil diffuser

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Note: Crystal descriptions are meant to support healing, not to provide prescription or healthcare information.