Jhuri Double Hanging Basket

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Two-Tier Hanging Basket by KORISSA

Add a whisper of sustainability and craftsmanship to your living space with KORISSA's Two-Tier Hanging Basket. This piece is much more than just a home accessory; it is a statement of ethical values and a nod to nature's simplicity.

Dimensions & Unique Characteristics

  • Full Length: Approximately 31 inches
  • Upper Basket: 9 inches round (Top) x 7 inches round (Bottom)
  • Lower Basket: 11 inches round (Top) x 9 inches round (Bottom)
  • Material: High-quality Jute, Natural Wood
  • Color: Earthy Natural

Each basket is imbued with a handcrafted soul that brings authentic variation in design, color, and size. These subtle differences are a hallmark of the Fair Trade artisans from Bangladesh who painstakingly create each piece, ensuring your home benefits from a touch of their spirit.

Caring for Your Hanging Basket

To maintain the longevity and beauty of your hanging basket, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth and dry properly post any water damage. Keep it away from direct sunlight to preserve the rich, natural hue of the jute fabric.

Environmental Impact and Emotional Connection

Owning a KORISSA Two-Tier Hanging Basket isn’t just an aesthetic choice; it’s an environmental pledge. By selecting this unique piece, you align your home with eco-conscious principles, revel in the rustic warmth it brings, and cherish the satisfaction of a distinctive style that mirrors your commitment to sustainable living.

Versatility in Use

Whether you’re seeking a novel way to exhibit your cherished greenery or need an ingenious storage solution that doesn’t sacrifice style for function, our hanging basket rises to the occasion. The two-tier design offers both utility and elegance, allowing you to maximize your space while showcasing your refined taste.

Why Choose Our Hanging Basket?

  • Ethically produced, supporting Fair Trade artisans
  • Handmade from eco-friendly materials
  • Adds rustic charm to any interior
  • Practical for storage or exhibiting plants
  • Each item is unique, much like the homeowners it’ll belong to

Experience the joy and pride that comes with a purchase that resonates with your vision for a sustainable future. Elevate your home decor with our enchanting Two-Tier Hanging Basket, and make a choice that reflects your values beautifully.

Bring home this blend of tradition and responsibility today and savor the art of sustainable living with every glance. #EcoFriendlyHomeDecor #FairTradeArtisanCraft #RusticHangingBasket