Maja Jute Tote Bag

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Step out in style with a touch of artisanal charm with this one-of-a-kind hand-loomed jute bag. Elegantly blending natural, earthy tones of blue and brown, this tote is an emblem of sustainability and sophistication. Perfect for the eco-conscious shopper, fashion enthusiast, or lover of handmade goods, the bag stands as a testament to ethical craftsmanship and stylish practicality.

Dimensions & More Details:

  • Size: Approximately 16” tall x 16" wide / Handle drop 7"
  • Material: 100% Natural Handwoven Jute Fabric
  • Color: Earthen Natural, Serene Blue, and Rich Brown
  • Due to its handcrafted nature, expect a delightful variation in design, color, and size, making your bag genuinely unique.

Each tote is carefully curated by Korissa, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and our support for fair trade practices. By carrying this jute tote, you're not just opting for a durable and versatile accessory but also championing the skills of Bangladeshi artisans. Your purchase plays a pivotal role in fostering community development and empowerment.

How to Care for This Item:

  • Gently wipe clean with a damp cloth—resist the urge to rub, as this may spread any stains.
  • Ensure proper drying after exposure to moisture to maintain the integrity of the fibers.
  • Shield your bag from direct sunlight to preserve the luscious hues that make it so distinctive.

Enjoy the empowering feeling of ethical shopping; each tote empowers Fair Trade artisans and their families. Satisfy your cravings for style and substance as you showcase your individuality with this exclusive Korissa-designed piece, and join us in the movement towards sustainable fashion.

Carry the spirit of eco-friendly elegance with you — whether you're navigating your daily routine or exploring the weekend markets. Join hands with us in shaping a better world, one fashionable choice at a time.

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