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Welcome to the soothing world of Pitta Skincare Ritual! Your personal oasis of calm for red and sensitive skin. Handcrafted with intention and compassion, our ritual channels the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom directly into your daily skincare routine, promising not just a radiant complexion but a harmonious balance between your inner and outer self.

Experience True Skin Transformation

Our full-sized ritual invites you to indulge in the complete experience:

  • Pitta Cleanser & Mask (4 oz jar) - A detoxifying blend of Bentonite Clay and organic flours like Oat and Chickpea cleanse deeply while Coconut Milk Powder nourishes your skin.
  • Pitta Toner (4 fl oz) - Infused with organic Rose Water and Aloe Vera Juice, this toner minimizes pores and evens skin tone, leaving a hydrated and refreshed canvas.
  • Pitta Serum (0.5 fl oz) - A potent concoction featuring Hemp Oil and Black Cumin Oil, our serum diligently works to protect and restore balance to your precious skin.
  • Floral Water (2 fl oz) - A hydrating mist that locks in moisture with the delicate essence of Lavender and Rose, perfect to rejuvenate throughout the day.

Or, if you’re on-the-go or want to sample our essence, the mini-sized ritual offers convenience without compromising quality, including travel-friendly versions of each treasured product.

Authentically Yours, Organically Sourced

Every ingredient - from the soothing Manjista and Neem in our cleanser to the rejuvenating essential oils in our serum - is chosen with care and certainty for its purity and efficacy. Certified organic and wild-harvested, these components come together not just to soothe your skin but also to invigorate your spirit.

Handmade with Love and Mantras

In alignment with our belief in the healing power of positive intention, each product is infused with a unique Ayurvedic Healing Mantra. Our friends and family have kindly tested them, ensuring that what you receive is nothing short of a token of trust and genuine care.

For the Conscientious Beauty Enthusiast

Our line sings harmoniously with the lifestyle of anyone who cherishes natural beauty and the welfare of their skin. It’s more than skincare; it’s soul care - for you, by us. Witness the joy of a complexion that emanates health and serenity, with a heart that radiates peace from using products derived from the Earth and crafted through conscience.

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Give your skin the gift of pure, plant-powered love and be part of a community that values not just the beauty of their skin, but the well-being of the planet and future generations. Explore Pitta Skincare Ritual today and embody the beauty of Ayurveda in every pore, every cell, every smile.

In the rare case of irritation, please discontinue use. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.