Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel Paddle and Cutting Board (For Pizza, Fruit, Vegetables, Cheese)

Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel Paddle and Cutting Board (For Pizza, Fruit, Vegetables, Cheese)

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Collection: Explore our premium bamboo collection, including a beautiful bamboo pizza peel and cutting board. Discover other natural bamboo products like magnetic knife strips, cutting boards, serving trays, bowls, and utensils. Ideal for eco-friendly kitchen essentials.

Functional for cooking, cutting, serving, and for display!

Introducing the new Frederica Trading bamboo pizza peel paddle! Crafted from premium, ethically sourced bamboo wood. Love pizza? Easily slide your pizza in and out of the oven without burning your hand. Say goodbye to flimsy plastic cutting boards and spatulas. Ditch the flexible pans that could spill your pizza.

Our wooden pizza peel doubles as a durable cutting board, perfect for prepping pizza, fruits, veggies, or cheeses. No need for an extra serving tray; serve directly on the wooden paddle. After use, clean with warm water and soap. Hang on your kitchen wall or display on your countertop for a stylish kitchen accessory. Enjoy versatile functionality with our wooden pizza peel!

  • PERFECT SIZE: With a total length from the tip of the handle to tip of the peel of 18", the peel is the perfect size and length for your home kitchen. At approximately 1/2" thick, it's sturdy and does not bend or flex; yet, is not heavy enough to handle. Actual peel surface, excluding handle, is approximately 11.5" X 11.5". NOTE: the LG size is perfect for typical frozen pizza or smaller homemade pizzas. For larger pizzas, choose our XL size.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE FUNCTIONALITY: Our premium, bamboo wooden pizza peel and cutting board is versatile. In addition to helping get your pizzas in and out of the oven, it serves as a beautiful cutting board or chopping block for your pizza, fruits, or vegetables. It also functions as a simple serving tray for you to serve your pizza, vegetables, fruit, or cheese. Lastly, it serves as a beautiful decoration that can be displayed in your kitchen or bar.
  • NON-TOXIC, ECO-FRIENDLY, FULLY CERTIFIED: Our wooden pizza peel paddles and cutting board is completely safe and non-toxic. It is certified with all required certifications, including FSC, BSCI, LFGB, FDA.
  • STURDY: If you've ever tried removing a pizza with a flimsy plastic spatula, peel, or cutting board, you've experienced this frustration and quite possibly, dumped your pizza on the floor. Our pizza peel is solid and sturdy for easy in/out access to the oven.
  • THE FREDERICA TRADING TOUCH: The Frederica Trading brand is known for the classy touch of our "Frederica Trading" logos - representing the beauty and allure of the beautiful live oaks found in the Golden Isles of Georgia, USA. The beautiful logo is laser-engraved into the wood - making this perfect for display on your counter or hanging from your kitchen or bar wall.

Size and Dimensions

Large (LG) Personal Size Option - The perfect size for personal pizzas and typical frozen pizzas or homemade pizzas:

18" long (from tip of peel to end of handle)

11.5" x 11.5" (peel surface)

Extra Large (XL) Option - For those bigger pizzas and serving trays:

21" long (from tip of peel to end of handle)

13.5" x 13.5" (peel surface)