Savar Hanging Planter

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Step into a harmony of craft and conservation with our Savar Pot Planter—a testament to the extraordinary skill of fair trade artisans in Bangladesh. K ORISSA brings forth this exemplar of sustainable living; every knot a story woven from the heart, carrying the dreams and aspirations of those who meticulously bind the seagrass fibers.


  • Artisanal Elegance: Each Savar Pot is a 100% natural fiber artwork. With a diameter of approximately 15.5 inches, the seagrass unfurls with a sophistication meant for discerning eyes that appreciate eco-chic decor.
  • Eco-Friendly Backbone: The very essence of nature is embodied within its materials, staying true to its natural hue and the minimalistic appeal that speaks volumes of understated beauty.
  • Handcrafted Narrative: Artisan-crafted under fair trade conditions, each planter emerges from a genuine desire to uphold ethical production while nurturing the roots of heritage craftsmanship.
  • Adaptive Accent Piece: A versatile adornment catering to a myriad of home aesthetics. From modern minimalist apartments in New York to sun-drenched villas in Santorini, the Savar Pot is a chameleon, adapting yet accentuating.

Care Instructions:

Maintain the allure of your seagrass planter with regular dusting or a gentle vacuum. Tackle blemishes with a caring touch; a damp cloth can soothe without stress. Shun the temptation to scrub, for the weave is trustingly tender. Post water exposure, ensure it is thoroughly dried, and grant it reprieve from the unforgiving sun to preserve its charismatic color.

Beauty in Purpose:

The splendor of this planter isn't solely skin-deep; for the conscientious dweller, it reflects an ethos. Align your flora with values of environmental respect and artistic reverence. Inspire your living spaces and delight in a greener footprint, knowing every purchase supports the kindred spirits of Bangladesh—artisans weaving not just planters, but hope.

Key Selling Points:

  • Sustainability Fashioned: A piece designed not only to decorate but also to protect our planet. The seagrass material whispers sustainability, celebrating eco-friendly choices.
  • Community Chronicle: These planters are more than possessions—they are passages to a world where trade is fair, hands are valued, and dreams find shape in every interlace.
  • Unparalleled Uniqueness: Each weave, each texture is an original scene. No two planters share the same story; they are as unique as the homes they grace.
  • Design Centric: Whether your passion lies in the gentle touch of greenery or the sophisticated edge in home decor, our Savar Pot sets the scene for the perfect idyll.

Elevate your greenery within the folds of this seagrass planter; a piece that resonates with the hallmarks of a beloved and practiced art. Your tasteful selection signifies a nod to Sustainable Home Decor—a choice that graces your home with the Fair Trade Artisan spirit while upholding an Eco-conscious elegance.