Savar Planter

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Elevate your living space with a touch of natural elegance and ethical craftsmanship. Our beautifully handwoven planters, a true testament to skilled Fair Trade artisans from Bangladesh, are steeped in the art of sustainability. Made with the utmost care from seagrass and soft jute yarn, they exude a charming fusion of natural and white tones, designed to create a serene and inviting atmosphere in your abode.

Available in two versatile sizes:

  • Large: Approximately 11” tall x 12.5” round
  • Small: Approximately 7.5” tall x 10.5” round

Material: Seagrass, Jute

Color: Natural, White

Celebrate the uniqueness of handcrafted beauty as slight variations impart a sense of character, making each planter exclusively yours. These planters do more than just house your botanicals; they bring narratives of culture, tradition, and sustainable living into your home.

Caring for Your Handicraft is straightforward – regular dusting or vacuuming combined with an occasional wipe using a damp cloth will maintain its splendor. Take care to avoid direct sunlight to preserve the planter's pristine colors and natural charm.

By choosing our planters, not only do you become a patron of artisanship and sustainability, but you also infuse your home with an aura of eco-chic luxury. They stand as a beacon of Fair Trade principles, promoting the welfare of artisan communities and contributing to the global narrative of environmentally conscious living.

Whether you're a lover of lush greenery, an advocate for fair working conditions, or simply in search of that special piece that speaks to both comfort and responsibility, these planters are a match made in eco-heaven.

Create a home that reflects your commitment to sustainable living and ethical decor with our Eco-friendly Home Decor. Provident for your planet, and perfect for your space.

Shop now and join us in the movement towards a more #SustainableLiving and #EcoFriendlyHomeDecor. Each purchase not only embellishes your home but also endorses a #FairTradeHandicraft legacy.