The JASMIN Bangle

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Unleash your inner royalty and embrace the enchanting essence of a Disney Princess with the exquisite JASMIN Bangle. Inspired by the timeless allure of Princess Jasmine, this bangle design imbues you with a sense of empowerment and ancient feminine energy. Crafted from hammered recycled metals, this magical piece adds a captivating sparkle to elevate your style effortlessly.

INDAH - Beauty in Every Detail:

INDAH, meaning "beautiful" in Bahasa Indonesian, proudly presents handcrafted designs that showcase the artistry and dedication of our skilled artisans in a quaint Indonesian village. Our jewelry pieces, crafted from recycled metals and adorned with precious gemstones dipped in 24k gold or genuine silver, reflect a blend of tradition and elegance. Each design is meticulously created to empower you and harmonize your chakras, connecting you with your higher self.

Supporting Sustainable Initiatives:

With each purchase from INDAH, you contribute to meaningful causes such as Bali Children Foundation®, Angel Of Paws Bali Animal Rescue®, and Sprout® reforestation efforts. Your support not only enriches your style but also makes a positive impact on the environment and communities we serve.

How to Wear Your JASMIN Bangle:

Prepare to wear your JASMIN bangle by centering your mind and setting intentions for harnessing its healing properties. Allow a moment of stillness to awaken the empowering energies of your INDAH gems.

Favorite Pairings for Your JASMIN Bangle:

Enhance your radiance by pairing the JASMIN Bangle with the COSMICS Necklace & Head Piece for an electrifying aura. For a bold statement, combine it with our Super Goddess Ring & CHI Ring. Explore the magic of the JASMIN collection by adorning the matching necklace and earrings for a captivating ensemble.


  • Width: 2.5cm - 1cm
  • Diameter: 6.3cm

Product Care:

To preserve the beauty of your INDAH gems, store your JASMIN bangle in the provided velvet pouch, avoiding exposure to water or harsh chemicals. Refer to our care guide for detailed maintenance instructions to ensure longevity and radiance for your precious jewelry pieces.